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    • floating dead sea

      The Dead Sea Experience

      Experience the most renowned skin care treatment and spa since the times of Herod the Great!

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    • s_57954355


      The most historically renowned city sacred to 3 religions and place of crucifixion.

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    • Acre (Acco)


      Explore the oldest continuously inhibited city in the world

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    • Jaffa

      Jaffa (Joppa)

      Behold the oldest port town in the world

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    • ces

      Caesarea (Maritima)

      The old Roman city built by Herod the Great

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    • s_63574819

      Bahai Gardens

      Immerse yourself in the Baha’i beauty

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    • Stella

      Stella Maris (Elijah’s Cave – Mt. Carmel)

      Explore the magic of Elijah’s cave

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    • petra

      Petra, Jordan

      Behold the magniloquence of the city carved in stone.

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    • druz

      Druze Villages (Mt. Carmel)

      Visit the indigenous religious community

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    • Megiddo

      Megiddo (Armageddon of the book of revelation)

      The city state and place of Armageddon

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    • Muhraka

      Muhraka (The Place of the Fire)

      Unearth the divine intervention of the prophet Elijah

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    • tabor

      Mt. Tabor (Mt. Of Transfiguration)

      Experience the transfiguration of Jesus

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    • seph


      Explore the historical and cultural center.

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    • annunciation


      Discover the town where Jesus grew up

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    • St Joseph

      Church of St. Joseph

      Visit the home of the holy family

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    • Nazareth_Village_

      Nazareth Village Museum

      Experience a 1st century life! Dating back to the times of Jesus

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    • marys-well-

      Mary’s Well

      Experience the annunciation at Mary’s Well

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    • annunciation

      Church of the Annunciation

      Behold the location annunciating the birth of Jesus

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    • can


      Experience turning water to wine

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    • jesus boat

      Sea of Galilee Boat (Jesus’ Boat)

      Behold the ancient boat used by 1st century fishermen

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    • gal

      The Sea of Galilee

      Behold the most renowned biblical water source

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    • boat

      Sea Of Galilee Boat Ride

      Ride a boat in the Sea of Galilee following the path of the fishermen

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    • caper


      Visit the village known as Jesus’ home in Galilee

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    • st. peter

      The Primacy Chapel Of St. Peter (Tabgha)

      Experience the 4th revelation of Jesus

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    • mul

      The Church Of Multiplication (Tabgha)

      Behold the miracle of the loaves of bread and the fish

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    • bea

      Mount of Beatitudes

      The renowned location of the Sermon on the Mount

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    • precipice

      Mount Precipice

      Behold the Leap of the Lord

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    • 800px-Kursi

      Kursi (The Miracle Of The Swines)

      Experience the Miracle of The Swines

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    • Chorazin


      An ancient village where Jesus performed miracles

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    • Ban

      Banias (Caesarea Philippi)

      Delve into the Roman city known as the location of Peter’s Confession to Jesus

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    • Ancient City of Dan

      The Ancient City Of Dan

      Explore the ruins of an actual biblical city

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    • Tib


      Discover the modern city dating back to the roman period.

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    • Sfa


      Experience the biblical atmosphere in the town of Safed

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    • Yar

      Yardenit (Jordan River Baptismal Site)

      Baptism in the Jordan river

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    • Be

      Beit She’an

      Venture into the old Roman town of Beit She’an.

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    • Gilboa

      Mt. Gilboa (King Saul)

      Uncover the ancient battlefield where King Saul and Jonathan fought against the Philistines

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    • Har

      Ein-Harod (Gideon The Judge)

      Visit the cave of Gideon the Judge

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    • Jordan V

      The Jordan Valley

      Explore the renowned valley mentioned in the old testament

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    • Zacchaeus

      The Sycamore tree of Zacchaeus

      Discover the tree where Zacchaeus was confronted by Jesus

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    • temp

      Mt. Of Temptation (Jericho)

      Trek to the site where Jesus was tempted by the devil

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    • Judean

      The Judean Desert

      Experience the beauty of the biblical desert

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    • Kns

      The Knesset (The Parliament)

      The house of the Israeli parliament

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    • Yad

      Yad Vashem (The Holocaust Museum)

      Visit the Holocaust Museum and a memorial site

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    • Ein

      Ein- karem (Visitation and st. John The Baptist Churches)

      The birthplace of John the Baptist

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    • Olives

      Mount of Olives

      A biblical landmark, mentioned numerously in the gospel

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    • Asc

      The Chapel Of The Ascension

      The location from which Jesus physically ascended to heaven

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    • pater noster

      Church of the Pater Noster

      Speak the “lord’s prayer” where Jesus preached to his disciples

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    • Dominus_flevit

      The Church of Dominus Flevit

      The location where Jesus shed his tears observing the second temple

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    • palm sunday

      The Palm Sunday Road

      Follow the road Jesus took riding to Jerusalem.

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    • garden gethsemane

      The Garden of Gethsemane

      Explore the garden marking Jesus’ agony.

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    • church_of_all_nations

      The Church of Gethsemane (Agony, All Nations)

      Behold the the place of Jesus’ betrayal

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    • Gallicantu

      Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu

      The renowned location of Jesus’ triple rejection.

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    • zion

      Mount Zion

      A historical landmark and house of numerous biblical sites.

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    • upper room

      The Upper Room (Cenacle)

      The Upper Room marks the location of the last supper.

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    • David tomb

      The Tomb of king David

      The tomb of Israel second king and ancestor of Jesus Christ

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    • Dormition

      The Dormition Abbey (Hagia Maria Sion)

      The site marking Virgin Mary’s fall into eternal sleep

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    • nativity

      Beth-Lehem (The Basilica Of Nativity)

      One of the oldest Christian communities and birthplace of Jesus Christ.

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    • shepherds-fields-

      The Shepherd’s Fields

      The ancient fields designate the location from which the star of Nativity was viewed

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    • Rachel's_Tomb

      Rachel’s Tomb

      The tomb of the matriarch Rachel.

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    • Temple Mount

      Temple Mount

      The ground site of two Jewish temples and the Dome of The Rock.

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    • Sunrise above Western Wall

      The Western Wall

      One of the most secret sites to Judaism, a remnant of the Jewish Temple

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    • The_Western wall tunnel

      The Western Wall Tunnels Tour

      Unfold the different historical periods of temple mount.

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    • southern wall excavations

      The Southern Walls Excavations

      Explore first century Temple Mount.

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    • Bethesda

      The Pools of Bethesda / St. Anne Church

      Experience the healing at the ancient pools

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    • via dolorosa

      The Via Dolorosa (The Way Of The Cross)

      Walk in Jesus’ footsteps following the stations of the cross

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    • church of holy sepulcher

      The Church Of The Holy Sepulcher

      Calvary Hill, the crucifixion and burial site of Jesus Christ.

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    • Tower_of_david

      The Tower of David Museum

      Experience the different periods of the old city of Jerusalem.

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    • Garden tomb

      The Garden Tomb (Gordon’s Golgotha)

      The crucifixion and burial place of Jesus Christ.

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    • model

      The Holy Land Model Of Ancient Jerusalem

      Explore a scale model of ancient Jerusalem during the second temple

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    • Lazarus


      Explore a prominent landmark in the path of Jesus

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    • emmaus


      The old town and resurrection place of Jesus Christ.

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    • Ajalon

      Valley of Ayalon (Ajalon)

      Visit the notorious battlefield known as the place of Joshua’s defeat of the Amorites.

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    • Beit_Shemesh

      Beit-Shemesh (The Retrieval Of The Ark Of The Covenant)

      Visit the city to first encounter the retrieval of the ark of the covenant.

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    • Valley_of_Elah

      Valley of Elah (David and Goliath)

      Visit one of the most famous face offs sites in biblical times.

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    • Masada


      Explore Masada and its different periods, best known as a landmark in the Jewish-Roman war.

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    • Qumran


      Experience the ancient Jewish society and explore its way of life.

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    • Ein Gedi


      Behold the marvel of the biblical oasis and enjoy its recreational amenities.

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    • Dead_Sea_by_David_Shankbone

      The Dead Sea

      Discover the lowest elevation on earth at-400 m below sea level, dating back to biblical times

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    • floating dead sea

      The Dead Sea Experience

      Experience the most renowned skin care treatment and spa since the times of Herod the Great!

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