With over 30 years of tourism experience at Holy Land And Beyond, we believe in an exclusive boutique style service. Whether it is a customized service or a signature tour, we address and fulfill all the spiritual and recreational needs of our clients, while exclusively adding extra travel features at no additional cost.

    We possess the knowledge and understanding necessary to provide our travelers with an all-encompassing, extraordinary travel experience – which is the very heart and foundation of our programs.   With breathtaking views of an array of landscapes and spiritual diversity of more than three religions, the holy land has a great story to tell. Our range of services includes an introduction to the holy land’s spiritual, cultural and religious treasures.

    Exploring beyond the traditional travel routes of the land of the Bible, at Holy Land And Beyond, we have been successfully providing our customers with the ‘local’ experience while venturing into the holy land.  Experience Beyond the Travel to the Holy Land.

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